Lilli Thießen - Good bye horses
13th of September – 7th of October 2017

Thomas Hitchcock - Dé-limiter l'horizon
23rd of June – 6th of July 2017

18th of may – 9th of june 2017

Marc-Alexandre Dumoulin - "A Domestic Proposition"
15th of April – 6th of May 2017

Diana Barbosa Gil - I go humble
10th - 25th of March 2017

A minimal orgy?(of a youngstar)
29th of December 2016

Screening "Dance with me", concert by Battle-ax
3rd of November 2016

25th of June 2016

from 8th of May until 11th of June
6th of May 2016

Design Im Fenster
5th February 2016 - 5th of March 2016

Anne Speier & Judy Fiskin
13th January 2016

More Anecdotes
19th December 2015

Sunday Cinema #2: Let’s Dance
6th December 2015

Sunday Cinema #1: Spoilers For More Than One
15th November, 2015

group show
23rd of October 2015 - 5th of March 2016

well, well, well at parallel
Tenzing Barshee, Viktoria Bayer, Alan Cicmak, Karin Ferrari, Sophie Gogl, Elisabeth Greinecker, Leander Gussmann, Flora Hauser, Lisa Yvonne Heimgartner, Philipp Köster, Fabian Leitgeb, Nana Mandl, Marta Masternak, Stanislaus Medan, Julie Mueller, Jakob Neulinger, Noushin Redjaian, Marianne Stålhös, Florian Unterberger, Enrico Zago
22nd September - 27th of September 2015

Christian Weidner, Lena Sieder-Semlitsch, Pia Ferm, Mikael Fransson, Diana Barbosa Gil, Maria Cozma, Vika Prokopaviciute, Stefan Cantante, Lukas Kaufmann, Niclas Schöler, Victoria Preuer, Federico Protto, Hannah Levy, Siri Hagberg & Nelly Hagberg, Joon Yeon Park, Pablo Ehmer, Sóley Ragnarsdóttir, Anna Lugmeier & Eva Maria Müller
18th and 19th of September 2015

Melanie Ender, Robert Oberzaucher, Vika Prokopaviciute, Florian Sorgo
27th of June - 18th of July, 2015

Heinrich Dunst, Peter Fritzenwallner, Stephanie Kaiser
29th of May - 20th of June, 2015

"is it going well?"
18., 20., 25. April, 2015

Willem Oorebeek, Evelyn Plaschg, Nicole Prutsch, Liddy Scheffknecht, Hui Ye
25th of April - 16th of May, 2015

Anna-Sophie Berger, Kay Walkowiak
25th of March - 18th of April, 2015

Love with me, talk with me, walk me.
Apollonia Bitzan, Bartosz Dolhun, Marc-Alexandre Dumoulin, Isis Flatz, Olav Gas, Eiko Gröschl, Sebastian Koch, Fabian Leitgeb, Leonhard Müllner, Evelyn Plaschg, Noushin Redjaian, Raphaela Riepl, Vinz Schwarzbauer
13th of March - 21st of March

Sun Prequel
PCNC_Bay, Rani Bageria, Lorenzo Bernet, Jürgen Kleft, Lennart Schweder, Nino Sakandelidze
17th of February, 2015

58 Weasels in a Trenchcoat (Die Güte)
Ines Hochgerner, Leon Höllhumer, Isabella Kohlhuber, Niklas Lichti, Pawel Szostak
31th of January – 21th of Februar, 2015

Leeres Orchester -> empty orchestra / shameless like us
Saturday, 17th of January, 2015
from 8 pm

Loraine Release
15th December 2014

An End And A Beginning.
Wednesday, December 10, 2014, from 7 pm

Toons Like Us (Reprise)
Henning Bohl, Jakob Breit, Daniel Ferstl, Sophie Gogl, David Jourdan, Lukas Kaufmann, Tonio Kröner, Johannes Schweiger/Astrid Wagner/Anna Haifisch, Lisa Slawitz, Dennis Tyfus, Maja Vukoje
6th of December - 17th of January, 2014

Live on stage: G.rizo.
Those Were The Days: Recounting Personal History Through Eras in Music, 1980 - present
Samstag, 15. November, 2014, 19 Uhr

Me, Me, Me
Melanie Ebenhoch, Hyo Lee, Ronja Stahl, Tanja Widmann
24th of October - 15th of November, 2014

Joseph Helland, Titania Seidl, Franz Zar
Joseph Helland, Titania Seidl, Franz Zar
26th of September - 18th of October, 2014

Konzert von Konrad Sprenger
9th of June, 2014

Flora Hauser, Hanno Schnegg
Flora Hauser, Hanno Schnegg
31th of May – 21th of June, 2014

Finissage: couleur
Friday, 23rd of May, 2014
Artist Talk & Constanze Schweiger and Michael Part on the turntables.

Konrad Prissnitz liest aus "Wellness"
8th of May, 2014

Matthias Noggler, Lukas Posch, Constanze Schweiger, Lukas Thaler
3rd May - 24th May, 2014

Daniel Ferstl and the Infinite Sadness
25th of April, 2014

Toons Like Us
Magda Barthofer, Daniel Ferstl, Tonio Kröner, Céline Struger, Maja Vukoje
29th of March – 20th of April, 2014

Ongoing Events

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